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EPW 500FP monitors pressing and joining processes and more

  • Complete unit ready for connection
    Complete unit ready for connection

The growing demands placed on products and functions call for seamless quality assurance today, which above all needs to comply with documentation requirements. As technology company with comprehensive expertise in joining/clinching connections of sheet metals as well as the pressing and crimping of components, TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG, D-88250 Weingarten, provides users not only with production-related know-how and equipment as well as tools, but also with the right solution for industrial quality assurance. Based on the experience of several hundred pressing and clinching monitoring systems that have been installed in the industry from the product range TOX®-Monitoring, now the universally flexible TOX®-Pressing Monitor EPW 500FP was developed as cost-effective standard solution.

Designed for seamless process monitoring at press workplaces, at stand-alone press systems or at C-frame/handheld tongs stations, process monitoring always occurs in real-time according to the principle “work and see”. Strictly speaking, the TOX®-Pressing Monitor EPW 500FP consistently monitors all processes for which accurately defined, functional connections between force and displacement must be proven seamlessly and traceably, for example during pressing, pressing-in, clinching, joining, riveting and crimping processes. Compact in build and easy to operate, operators can control as well as document each individual stroke at all times, and consequently ensure reproducible quality. Furthermore, the data can be requested at any time as a history report and permit seamless presentation, for example across the entire period of a batch production or a production cycle.

Easy to install and to connect, the EPW 500FP can be customized for respective customer- or process-specific requirements by means of the colour touchscreen and intuitive menu navigation. Configuration and parameterization are to be performed directly on the unit and the large 7" display allows quick visual control. For challenging workshop and industrial applications, the housing is made of aluminium and can be continuously swivelled for ergonomic operations. The following features are already included in the very reasonably priced standard version: Simultaneous real-time monitoring of the pressing/joining processes; immediate notification of all important process functions; monitoring based on window and envelope technology; up to 128 individual check routines, can be requested via menu or PLC; storage of measured curves and end values; several password levels; 7" colour touchscreen. To round off, there are optional extensions like service modules (e.g. remote maintenance) and the TOX®-Evaluation Box with extended acknowledge function.

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